Hampton Roads Food Safety Company has partnered with the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank in offering the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Class. This training is offered to the Foodbank staff, students enrolled in the Culinary Training Program, and member agencies and their clients. Hampton Roads Food Safety Company assists in revising and maintaining a HACCP Plan for the Culinary Training Program.

The Virginia Peninsula Foodbank strives to support member agencies in providing food in a manner that maintains safe handling and integrity from the donor to distribution, and to the tables of those they assist. Hampton Roads Food Safety Co. and the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank will continue to provide excellent service and dedication throughout the community. Learn more and donate to the Foodbank.

The Partnership for Food Safety Education and the Fight Bac Campaign provide consumers with the most up to date education on safe food handling practices. Hampton Roads Food Safety Company is proud to partner with an agency whose focus is educating consumers. The Partnership For Food Safety Education works with Hampton Roads Food Safety Company to provide tools we can use to educate consumers concerning food safety.

Hampton Roads Food Safety Co. (HRFS) provides customized food safety solutions in an ever growing food industry. With HRFS, you are not just obtaining the services of a company, you are gaining the support of a reliable and concerned professional. With increased awareness of food contamination, outbreaks, and recalls, businesses are searching for ways to implement food safety plans. We can assist in meeting your needs in the following ways:

  • Conduct food safety audits
  • Provide liaison services with your local health department
  • Design, implement, and maintain a HACCP system
  • Provide food service inspections
  • Initial and on going employee safety training
  • Complaint investigation